familiy law


familiy law

Separation and divorce usually have great emotional and financial consequences for those involved. I strive to settle these conflicts out of court as far as possible always taking into account the respective interests, whereby the out-of-court settlement has the advantage that lengthy, grueling and costly judicial proceedings are avoided. However, both parties must be wiling to maintain a good relationship that is also beneficial to the welfare of their child or children.

If a legal dispute is pending, I will assess the chances of success for you and compare them with your personal ideas, also with regard to the question of costs. I assert your interests with high professional qualifications as a specialist lawyer for family law and many years of experience in this specific field of family law. Regular training in the specialist area is a matter of course for me. My goal is to give you the support that is tailored to your specific situation, no matter how difficult it may be.

As a mediator I enable you to find individual solutions for you and the coflicting party without having to go to court.


Even before and during the marriage, I will work out rules and agreements that are tailored to your interests in order to prevent conflicts.

I work with experienced tax advisors in tax matters and notaries for notarial certification.


Changes in the family area can also affect the residence status of the foreign spouse. It is important to keep an eye on the interfaces between family law and immigration law.


Lawyer Schuhknecht is a member of the family law working group in the German Lawyers’ Association.


– Divorce and pension adjustment

- child support

– Spousal support and post-marital maintenance for spouses

- parental support

- Liquidation of the matrimonial property

– Property law / asset disputes
- seperation and divorce agreement

- Sharing of household items and marital home
- right of custody, right of residence and visiting rights

– Wechselmodell, Nestmodell

– child abduction

– Familiensachen mit Auslandsbezug
– Adoption

– Einbenennung (des Stiefkindes)
– inheritance law issues related to separation and divorce

Legal work is billed according to the Lawyers' Fees Act (RVG) or a fee agreement that has been made.
The amount of the hourly payment or the flat rate depends on the subject and the expected effort.
A detailed initial consultation is usually charged at €150.00 plus 19% VAT. As part of the initial consultation, you will find out what costs will be incurred for further work.
If you have a low income, you have the option of applying for legal aid in family court proceedings, whereby legal and court costs are borne by the state justice fund or pre-financed in the case of installment payment orders.
wodurch Anwalts- und Gerichtskosten von der Landesjustizkasse getragen bzw. bei Ratenzahlungsanordnung vorfinanziert werden.

Tanja Schuhknecht